Four down and ONE more to go… Finals that is. My last test for this semester will be Tuesday. Of course, it happens to be in one of the hardest subjects (for me, anyway). Quantitative Methods. I know I will do okay, but it’s always stressful for me until I hand the actual test in… Of course, I start my MayMester International Economics class on Wednesday, so there is not break for me until the week before my Fall semester… But that’s the price I pay for wanting to stay on my current schedule.

Car news – As you can see by the picture, she’s still in the shop. Not getting totaled. By the time the insurance company pays for everything that had to be replaced, painting the whole darn thing (not to mention straightening the frame) and of course that month and a half of rental car use, it would have been far cheaper to total the darn thing. BUT it was their call and no matter how much we argued, they always win… So, we are hopeful to have a nice pretty sports car back just as summer really hits. (This beautiful weather is really making us miss that convertible right now…)

From Friday’s post, you can probably tell I’ve had the sniffles. No Swine Flu, but I sure do feel bad. My DS ended up with an allergy induced Pink Eye (never heard of this before) and my hubby has been being tortured in PT because of the above accident. Needless to say, our family is ready for some well time.

Writing – With school, I haven’t had a lot of time for my writing. I’ve come to accept that. BUT I’m not allowing myself to let it go completely. If you are interested in reading some other stuff by me, check out the weekly challenge I’ve been harping on over at Petit Fours and Hot Tamales. I’ve been posting a 9 Week Operation each weekend as I get my submission ready for the Maggies.

I’ve also been participating in a VERY cool writing exercise with 8 other PF&HT sisters as we waded into the world of group novels. Our first chapter was posted on Sunday for Aspen Expose’. This was a truly fun experience and I can’t wait to share it with you. Please take a minute and check out the first of 9 chapters. This story had more twists and turns in it than I ever could have imagined. With 9 different authors (one chapter per author), no one knew where each chapter was headed until it was released to the next author. I have to say that was a hoot.

That’s me. All for now, until next week…wink...wink…. Have a good one!!!

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