Wednesday Review - My Sexy Greek Summer by Marie Donovan

My Sexy Greek Summer by Marie Donovan

Cara Sokol never would have returned to Greece if it hadn’t been to check on her good friend, Athena, after a nasty fall. Now that Cara is here on Aphrodisias Island, Athena has her promising to stay on through the summer. Little does Cara know that her old friend has more in mind for her than just helping out while the older woman recuperates from her broken hip. The Goddess, Aphrodite, is known for “taking pity on losers in the game of love” and Athena is hopeful that by coaxing her young friend to the island where the Greek Goddess first appeared that Cara’s luck might just change.

Yannis Petrides can’t get enough of the sexy red-headed American. Where at first Cara was aloof and distant, she quickly turned into a passionate lover that he can’t get enough of. So much so that his daydreams would easily make even Aphrodite blush. All too soon, their X-rated summer fling is turning into something far more than he bargained for. Things are getting pretty serious for the couple, but will Yannis be able to forgive Cara when he finds out the secrets she’s been hiding?

I really enjoyed this story. My Sexy Greek Summer is well paced and easy to read. The story gave me a small taste of the Greek islands, but left me wanting a whole lot more. Marie Donovan did an amazing job of making me want more of this part of the country. I’m now adding the Greek Islands to my list of places I HAVE to visit. The chemistry between Cara and Yannis is sizzling. I literally wanted to be in that water with Yannis during their moonlight swim and then later in the cabana. Oh, I can’t forget about the waterfall!!! The word HOT does not do these scenes justice. The story was fun, fast and extremely sexy.

My Sexy Greek Summer definitely lived up to its name!!!

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