Wednesday Reviews – Hot-Wired by Jennifer LaBrecque

Hot-Wired by Jennifer LaBrecque

The back cover blurb starts out with – “Bad boy Beau Stillwell was born with a need for speed.” Okay, you sold me right there. I LOVE bad boys and ever since I fell in love with Tom Cruise in the movie, Top Gun, I’ve LOVED that phrase.

What girl is immune to that? Even uptight Natalie Bridges isn’t immune to the irritating stock car racer. As the wedding planner for Beau’s baby sister, its Natalie’s job to make sure the girl’s wedding goes off without a hitch. If that means tracking down the bride’s irritating brother, then that’s just what she’ll do. Of course, being the sensible person she is, if it also means keeping close tabs on the hunk to make sure he finishes the renovation on his sister’s recently purchased antebellum plantation in time for the wedding, then some sacrifices just have to be made.

Beau is afraid his sister’s fiancé is as irresponsible as their father was. When he comes up with the idea to drag his feet long enough on the remodel in hopes that his sister will have to reschedule the wedding, he never planned on the formidable “Nightmare Natalie” infiltrating his life and turning his well formed plans upside down. Neither does he expects to form an attraction to the sexy wedding planner. And when Natalie proves to be more “Naughty” than nightmare, he suddenly finds himself having second thoughts about running off the sassy wedding planner and maybe keeping her around permanently. Maybe a little Hot-Wiring is just what the two of them need.

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! Can you hear me shouting over here?

With me being in the middle of finals this week, I needed something to take my mind off of accounting and quantitative methods for an hour or so. I picked up and tried to read through 5 other books on my “to read” bookshelf before I grabbed Hot-Wired. I’d hoped to spend a quick break inside the life of someone else before jumping back into studying. Well, four hours later, I was finally putting it down after reading the last page.

Wow. Jennifer LaBrecque is amazing. I was so INTO this book from the very beginning. Hot-Wired was smoking hot from the first line – “Beau Stillwater could kiss her ass,” to the very last line – “A perfect fit.” I was immediately rooting for the stuffy wedding planner and the bad boy stock car driver. Ms. LaBrecque had me coveting that T-shirt with the phrase – Real Men Do It With 10.5 Inches – and rolling on the floor with lines like – “He laughed – the son of a bitch actually laughed – in her ear.”

Hot-Wired is just one of the books in Harlequin’s Blaze “From 0 to 60” miniseries. After reading this story, you better believe I’ll be hunting down Allison Kent’s March release, A Long Hard Ride; and Julie Miller’s April release, Out of Control. If they are anything like Ms. LeBrecque’s story, I’m in for a few more steamy nights of immersion into this very sexy world of stock car racing. Way to go, Jennifer!!! This one is a definite keeper!!!


Carol Burnside said...

Thanks for the tip. I've got this one on my shelf.

Now the decision: write or read. Hmm...

Tami Brothers said...

It is DEFINITELY worth it!!! I LOVED this book and read really fast (if that makes any sense at all). It was very easy to read...