Wow. Has it really been two weeks since I updated this? Man, life is crazy busy here.

First of all, check out my post today about the new Harry Potter movie over at the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog. I’d love to see how many people will be attending the Tuesday midnight viewing.

On the other end of the spectrum, I just finished two weeks of homework hell. Yes, I was buried – completely from head to toe. I swear, I could easily have drowned. I had two major research papers due on Monday and Tuesday. I was so sick of computer research by the end of the 4th of July weekend. It completely sucked. Then I had two power point presentations to finish, a take-home test and another test to study for.

We are down to two weeks left of school for the summer. I am more than ready for the two weeks off after that. Until then, I will just keep treading water and hope life gets a tad bit easier.

Have a great week to all of you!

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