Cool Links to Check Out!

Some neat sites I’ve seen this week and wanted to share with you.

This is a neat post about sending yourself e-mails in the future. You can have it sent 12 days from now or even 12 years. I just thought this was a neat idea!

If you want a really good detailed look at what one author makes via e-publishing vs print publishing, this is a terrific article explaining that.


This whole blog is a keeper, but I found some awesome information in the Top 10 Query Mistakes post and the interview with Guest Blogger, Michelle LaRowe, on Selling Your Message from the get Go.

Lots of neat info and tips here. 20 to be exact…

Also, the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales are featuring a new twist on the traditional Fairy Tales. Hop on over and check those out all during the month of February.


Kathy Temean said...


Thanks for pointing your audience my way and thanks for the other links, too. I'm going to check all of them out.


Tami Brothers said...

Hey kathy!

I can't believe I missed your comment. Sorry about that.

I LOVE your post and will definitely be reading more.