Whewwwww. What a weekend.

I had a light weekend. Well, it was light for me even though I still got a LOT done. Here’s my “light” list…

6 loads of laundry

5 loads of dishes

Cleaned toilets

Cleaned the shower

Picked up 3 more tables and 15 chairs for graduation party

Read through final draft of Nucor paper and printed it

Typed up talking points for presentation on Nucor and Case Studies for Labor Relations class

Studied for Labor Relations final

Finished Barbara Monajem’s interview for the Galley

Worked with my niece on Photo shopping a new Travel the World in Words picture that I’ll unveil in my May blog post for Petit Fours and Hot Tamales

Did 2 more loads of laundry (hard to keep up with a houseful of company here for graduation)

Ironed clothes for work this week

Took my son to GameStop to get the latest and greatest game for his PSP

Waded through the crowds at Walmart trying to get started on my party shopping for graduation party in two weeks

Bought fishing line for son’s fishing/camping trip I’m taking him on next weekend for Scouts

Watched My Life in Ruins with Grandma

Watched 3 episodes of Life with the family

Watched Under the Tuscan Sun

Started watching Romancing the Stone but family threatened to revolt if I watched it again!!!

Oh man, I know there is a ton more stuff I did, but the main thing is that I spent a lot of time on the couch in-between, just relaxing and contemplating all the stuff I have left to do. I really can’t wait until graduation is over so I can sit and not contemplate all the other stuff. Of course, then I won’t know what to do with myself. But is that really bad thing…grin…?

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