Reality TV, Really?

I am sooo addicted to reality TV. Well, maybe just a few shows, but trust me when I say I don’t miss an episode on the ones I love.

Last night I almost freaked out when I found out that Big Brother 12 had been delayed for a golf tournament. Thankfully we’d sat down to watch the show and realized that the hour of TV we recorded was not what we wanted to watch. The good thing was that when we finally started to watch the 8pm show at 9:10, it hadn’t started yet. So we didn’t miss seeing Brendan winning HOH for the week and seeing Brittney and Regan falling apart thinking they were going home. I LOVED the saboteur throwing a kink in the mix, too.

Another reality TV show prompted a really fun experience this past spring and summer for my family. Our obsession with one show got another couple hooked on Deadliest Catch. Because our friends don’t have cable (watched the past episodes on Net Flicks), we hosted a Deadliest Catch party every other week at our house. One time we would provide dinner and they would bring desert and the next time, we would switch. This made for a fun couple of nights that unfortunately had a lot of ups and downs with the death of one of our favorite captains. I’m seriously looking forward to next season.

Anyone else as addicted to reality TV as I am? What are your favorite shows?

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