Weekly Recap

I had a great time this weekend at the Georgia Romance Writer’s monthly meeting. Missy Tippens did a bang-up job of presenting a workshop on The Power of Premise. She introduced us to The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue & Vice for Box Office Success by Stanley D. Williams. I definitely plan to grab a copy and try to incorporate some of the steps she highlighted in the meeting. I highly recommend this for any new author (and possibly for established ones, too).

I also attended a book signing by Maureen Hardegree at the Eagle Eye Books store in Decatur Georgia for her debut book, Haint Misbehavin’. I LOVED this book and even did a book review over at Petit Fours and Hot Tamales a few weeks ago. You can read that here.

I’m disappointed in myself for not keeping up with the blog last week like I had wanted to. I set a goal to blog every day and am disappointed that I didn’t. I hope to do a better job this week…grin…

On a side note, anyone watching Big Brother 12 this season??? I loved the use of the Diamond Power of Veto and the kink it threw into the voting process. Also, Britney as HOH, anyone else laughing after last night’s episode? I can’t wait for Wednesday’s show and then seeing who gets knocked out with that double eviction on Thursday.

Until tomorrow!!! (I hope….) ;-)



Debbie Kaufman said...

OOH, been away too long and didn't know you had a new banner. I love it! Great graphics and tag line!

Tami Brothers said...

Thanks Debbie! I haven't advertised it yet. Still playing around with the sidebar and stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!