Awesome, Awesome Workshop!!!!

I spent all day Saturday in Birmingham Alabama with the Southern Magic Romance Writer’s Chapter attending an awesome class. My fellow Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog sisters, Maxine Davis and Debbie Kaufman made the loooonnnnggg trek with me (unfortunately Maxine had gotten a touch of food poisoning from the night before and her trip to the workshop was not as pleasant as ours).

Cassondra Murray and Steve Doyle put on the best workshop I’ve attended in years.

Guns & Writers

Every Gun is NOT a Glock: What You Need to Know Before Arming Your Character

Doesn’t that sound fun????

Cassondra (from the Romance Bandit’s blog) and Steve (such a cute husband and wife team) did an amazing job of introducing us to a large number of weapons. They gave us hints on what to say (and not say) when describing a weapon in our stories and explained the many, many varieties of guns and what kind of people tend to use what. I’m serious when I tell you that I learned so much that I am going to have to type up my handwritten notes just to make sure I don’t miss something. AND I know I missed writing something down. There was just so much information shared that there was no way I could capture it all.

They also had an amazing support system helping share their experiences in a variety of fields. I would have loved to have gotten a picture of a couple of the guys there that day, but unfortunately it was forbidden…. (you’ll have to attend a workshop yourself to understand why…)

I also had the chance to sit next to the fabulous Dianna Love! Cassandra had us doing some exercises where we describe a scene where our character would need a weapon and then they would help us figure out exactly what kind would work in that situation. Dianna was a fountain of information to all of us at our table. She taught me how brainstorming is actually supposed to work (so much so that Debbie, Maxine and I were brainstorming an idea for Maxine’s current WIP on the drive home). She also helped me get past an obstacle in my story, Re-Do, that has had me absolutely stumped and avoiding working on it. I’m actually pumped to get started on the story again.

This is just one of many workshops out there that can help you on your writing journey. Seriously, if you don’t attend this one, find one that will fit your writing style or story style and go. I can’t tell you how inspiring it is.

Okay, back to writing…


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