Diet Update

10 POUNDS GONE!!!! Some days, anyway. I hate living by the scale but I can’t stop myself from weighing. There are times when I feel like I’ve lost a lot and I end up gaining. Then there are those days when I feel like I’ve gained and find that I’ve lost 2 pounds. It’s a crazy roller coaster ride and one I wouldn’t normally put myself through. BUT I’ve set two goals and one of those deadlines is this Sunday. I have to fit into a dress I bought a while back to wear to a wedding this weekend. I just tried it on and it fits great. Not tight at all (thank Heavens!!!).

I've also started listening to while I work out. This has helped a TON in keeping me motivated to stick with the workout and to NOT quit the workout too early. So far I've listened to Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer by John Grisham. Really good middle grade book. I finished that in the first couple of weeks. Now I'm listening to The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. I LOVE Rick Riordan's stories and this one is just as good as the Percy Jackson books.

I highly recommend working out to books on tape. It's way easier than trying to run and hold a book...grin... and it keeps you motivated (if you are better than me and only allow yourself to listen to the stories if you are working out - I've cheated three times this week already....).

That's it for me. I’m going to enjoy myself this weekend and relax a bit before I start hitting it hard for my October deadline.



Pam said...

CONGRATS!! I have been trying to lose ten pounds since January 1st and I'm STILL not there! Good for you for meeting your goal. I love your suggestion to listen to books on tape while working out. I have a workout playlist on my iPhone, but I think I will try listening to a book. I can see how that might make the time go by faster. You go, girl!!

Tami Brothers said...

Thanks Pam! I have the Audible books on my Droid and that helps a ton. I need to think about a play list cause there are definitely times when I prefer music.

(I think I might have gained a few back on this weekend wedding trip, but I really did try to be good.)