She's driving me crazy!

Cute, isn’t she?

That’s what I thought when we first got her two years ago. Adorable. Fluffy. Sweet. That is until she started her war against my sanity. Yes, I know I sound crazy. She’s just a cat. But is she really?

Have you seen those crazy pet movies where the animals live secret covert lives? I’m almost positive this is what our cat does. What else could she be doing all day while we are working? Seriously.

Then she stays up all night trying to drive me crazy. Scratch, scratch on the closet door.

No, little kitty. You can’t get into my clothes closet. I don’t want cat hair all over my work clothes.

Rattle, rattle as she knocks against the hall coat closet.

No, cat. You don’t need to play in the closet with all our winter gear.

Rip, rip on the side of my mattress.

Damn cat! Knock it off!!!

By this time, I’m throwing books. Oh, you thought all those paperback books sitting on my night stand were meant to be read? Hahaha. I already read them in my anal way where I don’t put a crease on the spine. You know, that way they look really nice and perfect on my bookshelf.

Of course, that was long before The Cat came along. Now, there is a pile of ratty books, small enough not to hurt her if I actually made contact, in the dark, when I’m half asleep. But big enough to make a scary noise to scare her away from whatever she’s using to drive me nuts.

Do I sound crazy to you?


Pam said...

I think all pet owners are crazy to some extent. I know my life would be simpler - and more affordable - without my canine companion. But I can't imagine life without him. So from one pet lover to another, I get it!! :-)

Tami Brothers said...

Hahahaha! I hear ya, Pam! I LOVE her to pieces (some days I wish she were in pieces, but I quickly get over those). My family likes her the most, so I'm pretty good about 'trying' to ignore her quirks...

Thanks for stopping by!