I'm back!

I’m back!

Did you miss me? Or did you even notice I was gone for most of the month?

Don’t answer that…grin…

I spent the last two weeks at a leadership retreat for work and the two weeks before that on vacation. Needless to say, October has really flown by…

The LEADERSHIP retreat was AWESOME! I can’t say enough about how cool that was. Because I went to college in my thirties, the dorm experience was one I never got to experience. Well, now I have. It was definitely “an experience” and one I’ll cherish forever (we watched quite few movies as a group).

Just like with the writing conferences, I came away pumped full of energy and ready to dive into my job.

Of course, I did learn a bunch of stuff that I plan to use in my writing too. Stay tuned because I definitely plan to highlight some of those lessons over the next few months.

So, with the combination of a relaxing vacation and an inspiring retreat, November should be one heck of a month!

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