Life Update

It has certainly been a hit and miss blogging year (good thing we are only a few months into it. Maybe I can redeem myself…). Life is just crazy. But that also means I’m living. So no complaints.

Writing News

Had a good month of writing (compared to what I’ve been doing lately).

I completed rewriting my first two chapters of In Her Wildest Dreams and got them submitted just in time (squeaking by) for the Virginia Ellis Critique Workshop at GRW. I also got them turned into my critique partner, Maxine Davis. She was extremely honest with me and pointed out that my first chapter was a tad bit dry and did not look like something I would write. I had to face the fact that I had rewritten and rewritten it to fit contests, critiques and recommendations so much that I completely written out everything that remotely looked like my style of writing. Good to know and I am thankful for her honesty. So, it is back to the drawing board with chapter one. I will also be working on editing chapters three and four AND I will be working on adding my voice back into chapter one of my YA story, Re-Do.

Amongst all of that, I’m working on a couple of short stories/non-fiction articles to submit to various publications. We shall see just how well I keep up with it…

Diet News

Okay, the diet has been hit and miss lately, BUT I have been able to keep the 20 pounds off that I originally lost from July to November last year. That is a HUGE plus in my books.

I am getting back ON the wagon and will be starting the P90X program I did last year. This was the biggest factor in keeping me moving and I’m positive that was what helped me lose the weight. I will also start recording my calories again. I will admit that this was THE HARDEST thing for me to do, harder in fact than the P90X program. BUT it worked so that is what I will be doing.

I will also be trying to encourage my hubby and The Kid to work out with me. I really think we all need to get more active and healthy. More on all of this later.


I started the month off with a brand new haircut that looks something like what my friend Pam Asberry did. I’m posting her link here because she looks a LOT cuter in hers than I do in mine. I’m working at trying to figure out how to style it without looking like my mother (my husband’s way of manipulating me into not getting my hair cut like this again…).

I’ve also started taking more time to enjoy my evenings after work and my weekends. In doing so, I have read a TON of books which you can see many of the reviews I’ve done over at the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales Review page. Getting back to reading has helped refill my empty well and I can’t be more thankful for this. I shouldn’t need reminding about how much I love to read and how much burying myself in a good book makes me happy; but there are times when I let life just get away from me and need to be slapped with a reminder to take time out and just read. Check back tomorrow to see which book I’m reading at the moment and take a look at the last book I read and reviewed.

Finally, I’m doing a whole year long segment on my Life Reevaluation over at Petit Fours and Hot Tamales Blog. You can read about my decision to do a complete Life Reevaluation and what we (my family) did to start this process moving forward. Then check out my last post on how we Reevaluated our Budget and created a spreadsheet that looks more complicated than it really is. Check back on March 29th when I blog about Reevaluating our Collections and Hobbies. Talk about something that didn’t go over so well with a house full of collectors.


That’s me a nutshell. Lots going on, but enjoying every minute of it. I hope to get my blogging goals back on track and at least pop over and give you a personal HI once a week… We shall see how well that goes…grin…

Tami ;-)

If chocolate is a bean in its original form, does that mean I’m actually eating healthy?

-author unknown


Pam said...

What a great post, Tami! I enjoyed reading about all your goings-on; you are doing a lot of things and doing them very well. I am totally inspired! I laughed out loud when I saw your link to my blog. I took that picture the day I got my hair done, and I have to admit it hasn't looked that good since; I am convinced our hairdressers have magic tools! Still, I'm still glad I took the plunge. Anyway, good luck with all your goals and projects; I look forward to keeping track of your progress!

Tami Brothers said...

Thanks Pam! I love your hair and it looks great on you. Mine is growing on me. I had a great hair day yesterday (should have taken a picture...grin...), but today it is a bit crazy. Thankfully not as crazy as the weekend. I tried a few styles and they did NOT work.

Yep, lots of goings on but you, too, have a crazy schedule. I admire everything you do.

Thanks a ton for stopping by!