What am I reading?

I am immersing myself in Jill Shalvis books this week. I just finished Animal Magnetism on Friday and immediately started reading Simply Irresistible. Both books are the first in a series of three (two different series) and you can guarantee that I’ll be standing in line at the bookstore to grab a copy of The Sweetest Thing in April and Animal Attraction in October.

The Animal books are based around a group of guys who grew up together in a foster home, thus making them closer than blood brothers. All three of the men have their own unique stories but they are all based around animals and animal rescue. Too cool for words and sexy as hell to boot. The covers alone are worth buying the books in print (just so I can drool over the pictures whenever I see them).

The Lucky Harbor series is based upon three half-sisters who inherit a rundown Inn from their eccentric mother. Because none of the sisters are from Lucky Harbor, they have to decide just what they want to do with it. The covers for these books are very sweet and fun. I LOVE the idea that for this next book in the series, The Sweetest Thing, Shalvis is also publishing a fun cookbook created by her character called, Heating Up The Kitchen. I can’t wait to check this out next month.

AND, last week I read Jill Shalvis’s Trouble in Paradise about an overworked heroine who is floundering with her life. After receiving a call that she’s won an all-expense paid trip aboard a luxury boat, she jumps at the opportunity, sure that she’ll be able to find herself. Unfortunately, she not only finds herself, but she also finds a sexy doctor whose grumpy disposition does nothing to keep her from seeing the sexy hero he really is. But with the discovery of a missing crew member and a bloody crime scene, then a storm that sinks the boat and leaves the passengers and crew shipwrecked on a deserted island; it’s hard to let love blossom when you don’t know who the killer might be.

Talk about an awesome author. Not only are her books amazing, but her blog is hilarious with her crazy I Love Lucy stories and her funny pictures of her treks through the California mountains.

Okay, now back to reading!!!


Pam said...

Tami, thanks for the introduction to a new author for me! I just spent a few minutes visiting her blog and you are right - she is hilarious! I think I'll start with "The Trouble in Paradise" and take it from there. I can hardly wait!

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Pam!

Jill Shalvis is one of my "Must Read" blogs AND her books are on my "Must Read" list. She has been very fortunate to receive some awesome covers.

I really think you will like her books. She has a fun sense of humor and I can so relate to her clumsy heroines.