Weekly Review and a Mash-Up

Holy guacamole, Batman!  What a couple of weeks.  I feel like I’ve been holding onto the tail end of a train with my feet flying parallel to the tracks…  With work, The Kid’s school and activity schedule, trying to sell a house, classes, blogging, reading, writing reviews, ignoring my WIP, yada yada yada. You get the point.  To sum it up, I’ve been incredibly busy. 

I won’t bore you with all the details, but I will show you some pictures of one of the projects I’ve been working on.  As you can see from the two “original” pictures, I LOVE color.  Unfortunately, most of the potential buyers who have looked at our house do not.  Or more specifically, they don’t like my colors…  So, I’ve been using my weekends to splash a bit of bland on the walls…

This room was originally The Kid’s room (this was after I had started taking the kites and other stuff off the ceiling and walls).  Of course he has moved onto the upstairs bedroom and a much more “sophisticated” look (I know we will eventually have to repaint the black wall in his current room covered with neon spray painted graffiti, but we will deal with that when and if someone makes us an offer on the house).   After the move, this room was dubbed the “man cave” and housed the Xbox 360 and various other games. 

I was worried about taking the monkey off the wall, but it actually came down a lot easier than I anticipated.  Here is the after look (note - this is with the spare bedroom furniture from blue room pictured below)… 

Not bad, but still kind of bland (to me anyway). 

Now onto the spare bedroom. 

I like this blue color.  What I didn’t show in this picture is the tan comforter we have on the bed (was in the wash).  Apparently this is too bright for some.  So, we moved the bed and furniture into the old man cave and - -

And this is the end result (this is now a storage room for all the stuff we are boxing up).

Again, not bad.  Just not my kind of fun.

Next on my project list is the craft room with the orange and yellow walls.  I’ll post more pictures when I get to that one in a few weeks.  Right now I’m booked the next several weekends with graduation, GRW writers meeting, and a trip to the Renaissance Festival!!!


Taking a page from blogger and social media guru, Kristen Lamb, here is a brief Mash Up of blog posts I ran across this weekend. I thought all were interesting enough for me to stop and read, so I’m thinking you might like them too.

Author Gwen Hernandez blogs about her “trip to jail” as part of the FCPD Citizens Police Academy program she’s attending.  Lots of great writer information in this post. 

Wordplay has a really great post about The Secret Ingredient for Original Stories.  I love their recipe…

The YA Highway blog has a neat post about Shadow Cities.  Never thought of this before.  Kind of a neat idea and definitely sparking some ideas… ;-)

Check out the Cruise Pictures blog.  Sailor is really making me want to take a cruise…  I am already planning one for next spring.  Might have to knock that up a bit on the timeline…

Tote Bags ‘n Blogs has a terrific post with Harlequin Historical author Michelle Styles about Social Platforms for books.  LOTS of great info about Shelfari, Library Thing and Good Reads. 

P.D.Martin at Murderati blogged about  switching teams.  This is about the ins and outs of switching Genres.  A wealth of information here.    Please check out her website, too.  I especially loved this page she has specifically for safety tips for women. 

Author Trish Milburn posted a very entertaining and informative post about traveling across America by Rail over at the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog.  Great post. 

Over at The Seekers blog, Tina Radcliffe gives us a great reason why every writer should be thinking “Series” when they sit down to write.   

Finally, kind of a scary post if you are breaking any Facebook rules. Check out author Ashley March’s post about What Every Author Should Know About Facebook.  Don’t want to mess this up and get deleted… L

That’s my trip around the blogosphere.  Anyone else have any l inks they would like to share?


Gwen Hernandez said...

Thanks for the mention! Interesting collection of blog posts. I may get sidetracked reading... =)

Tami Brothers said...

Hi Gwen! Thanks for stopping by. LOVE the Jail post. I will definitely be looking into that kind of class in this area.

Have a great week!


Sailor said...

Nice to know that the life is keeping you busy and not bored. I like your painting projects and they looks so lovely.

Tami Brothers said...

Thanks Sailor! I love your cruising projects. Very nice... Can't wait to take a trip.

Thanks for stopping by!