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Wow!  You guys totally rock!  I can’t believe the response we received from the Midsummer’s Eve blog hop.  A HUGE thank you to the I Am Not A Writer blog for putting this on. 

If you like a good vampire story, check out my review for Elle Jasper’s new series, The Dark Ink Chronicles.  Afterlight is book one of the series and introduces a kick-ass, tattooed heroine who is willing to put her life on the line for her fifteen-year old brother.

Everdark is the continuation of that story and focuses on the heroine as she copes with her new found abilities now that she is a mortal with tendencies. 

This series is HOT, HOT, HOT.  For me, this is an edgier version of Twilight (which I also loved).

I also reviewed the first book in Lori Foster’s new series, When You Dare.  I never thought of human trafficking like this before.  I’m thrilled the hero and heroine get their HEA in the end (woops, I guess that’s a spoiler….;-) ).

Major congrats to Peach who won a $10 Amazon gift card for commenting on my post about my Reevaluation of my Career and Job Choices over at the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog.  Thank you!!!!


~~~Winners!  Winners!  Winners!~~~

Okay, Okay!!!  Finally, I’ll announce the winners from the Midsummers Eve Blog Hop.

Once again, thank you all for participating.  This was a ton of fun.

Using the fabulous random number generator (and after spending over an hour making sure I counted all the entries…whew… that is work), the lucky winners are:




Both winners have already been notified and their prizes are on the way.

Have a fabulous, wonderful weekend!

Tami ;-)

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