Another chance to win an Amazon gift card!

Interested in another chance to win an Amazon gift card?

Check out my post today over at the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog.  I’m blogging about my life Reevaluation and talking about my current career and job choices.  Great choices, tough decision.  I’ll choose a winner from that post tomorrow morning!!!!

Would love to see you there!



Carol Kilgore said...

You've reached a fork in the road, so I'm glad you're thinking about all the ways your choice will impact your life.

Thanks for following my blog.

Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by from the blog hop - I'll check out your post.

Tami Brothers said...

Hi Carol! Thanks so much for stopping by. And thank you for being a follower at other times, too. :-) Working of figuring out that darn fork.


Tami Brothers said...

Hi Ann! Thanks a ton for visiting! I appreciate the support!!!!