Day 2 of Kidless Week - not all it's cracked up to be...

Today is day 2 with The Kid being away at camp.  Hubby and I thought we would have a terrific week of planning some alone time together.  Instead, we’ve received a ton of texts from The Kid who is either sick or homesick.  Not sure which.  His camp counselor hasn’t called us yet, so I’m guessing he will be okay.  Of course The Kidd thinks the four hour drive to Alabama and another four hours back isn’t all that big a deal and that maybe we should be prepared to come and get him.  (Not gonna happen unless the counselor calls with that specific verdict.)

Also had to rush home on our lunch break today to straighten up the house for a last minute showing.  That wasn’t so bad, but didn’t hear anything back from the realtor who showed it (or ours), so no idea if they liked it. 

Work has been crazy busy with a project that is coming due and which I am completely responsible for.  Unfortunately, I don’t quite know what I’m doing yet.  Thus making everything twice as hard and taking twice as long to complete. 

Princess Bella decided she needed to try the great outdoors on her own.  When hubby had the back gate open to put the lawnmower away, she snuck around him and shot out of there.  He had to chase her down for two and a half blocks.  THEN had to walk her back while bent over to hold onto her collar.  With a shoulder needing surgery, that wasn’t cutting it.  About a block away he gave in and picked her up.  We think it might be time to stick her on a diet.

I’ve been scrambling to clean out closets and drawers for the final spring/summer cleaning before my in-laws fly in on Friday to celebrate the fourth of July with us.  Of course, that was why the crazy fast trip home at noon to try to put some of that away.

Whew.  Exhausting.

Were this should have been a fun kidless week, we’ve been busier than a hive of bees trying to set things in order.  And that is just today. We’ve got a whole slew of things already planned/required for the next two days.  I think by the time our long weekend gets here, we might actually be too tired to enjoy it…

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