Versatile Blogger Award!!!

Versatile Blogger!!!

I’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by the fabulous Susan C. May/ Susan Carlisle.  Susan is the author of Nick’ New Heart (a story about her son’s heart transplant at the age of two) and just signed a two book deal with Harlequin Medical Romance.  You go, girl!!!

Thank you so much for thinking of me, Susan… ;-)

Award Rules:

  1. Thank the person who bestowed the honor on you.  (done)

  1. Share seven random facts about yourself.  (Yikes.  Scary.  But I’ll give it a try.)
    1. I’ve been skydiving in the middle of a snowstorm.
    2. As a kid, I took the top score in my hunters’ safety course, beating out a handful of boys (whose fathers were not very happy because of this).
    3. People in my day job are actually shocked when they hear that I write romance novels.
    4. Although hubby and I have had a cat or cats (only 2) at some point throughout our married life, I am most definitely NOT a cat person.  They just don’t like me…
    5. Hubby and I have built or remodeled more than fourteen different houses in the twenty years we’ve been married.  This has become a hobby of sorts with us.
    6. I take TONS of pictures and am an avid scrapbooker.  I actually need a computer with a LOT of memory to accommodate all of them…;-)
    7.  I have watched every episode and every season of Big Brother.  No idea why I like this, but it has become a mandatory family night in our house.

  1. Pass the award onto five other bloggers.  Fun! Fun!

    1. The first one HAS to go to the Writers LI.P.P.  Fun and flirty, these two ladies are definitely Goddesses.  I can’t wait to see what they have in store with this new blog.
    2. SuperWriterMom aka Sally Kilpatrick is the quirkiest, snarkiest, wittiest writer I’ve ever read.  Just look at one of her more recent posts on Waxing…  Gotta love her!
    3. Alicia McCalla is the nicest, happiest person I know.  I have never seen her without a smile.  Her blog is extremely versatile.  She’s not afraid to tackle the heavy topics. 
    4. Elle Jasper is WICKED COOL!  Her new vampire series is what I call a “grown up version of Twilight.”  This author is also one my favorite romance authors (Cindy Miles) with ghosts as the heroine or hero. 
    5. Oh man! I can’t forget about Hildie McQueen at McQueen’s Knights!  She has the best pictures (hot, hot, hot), the best interviews and posts the best blurbs from her stories. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!!

Tami J


June M. said...

Congrats on the award! I could never skydive because I am totally afraid of heights. I would probably die from a heart attack or stroke long before hitting the ground. LOL

Tami Brothers said...

LOL, June! I was very nervous but once I did it, it was kind of addictive. I haven't been able to go back up again YET but I do hope to try to eventually be able to jump by myself.

Thanks a ton for stopping by and commenting.

Have a wonderful day.


Jolene and Family said...

Congrats on the award and holy cow, skydiving durning a snow storm. I'm planning a hot air balloon ride for my 30th and am scared and it's a month away, skydiving....even scarier lol and I gotta say, I'm with you on big brother, I watch it every year

Tami Brothers said...

Thanks Jolene! Skydiving was a hoot. I haven't been hot air ballooning yet. It is definitely on my bucket list. Am originally from Wyoming and there is a LOT of wind, so ballooning wasn't easy to plan. Yah for doing this on your 30th!!! That's when I first went skydiving. Great way to celebrate that milestone.


Pam Asberry said...

Humble thanks for the blog award, Tami! :-)

Tami Brothers said...

You are welcome! Love your blog!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the congrats!

Susan Carlisle

Tami Brothers said...

You are Oh So Welcome Ms. Susan!!!