What color are you?

Do you have a favorite color M&M? Mine is green. No idea why. Of course my favorite color is green, but I also remember the old joke about green meaning you were sex starved. Of course that was kid talk. No idea what the significance of them are now.

Anyway, I found this neat breakdown of what your favorite color says about you on DiAnn Mills newsletter. Check it out and tell me, what is your favorite color?

1. White - The color of purity or spaciousness

2. Black - Often signifies evil or death. But if you're in the fashion industry, black indicates slimming or a black-tie affair.

3. Blue - A soothing color. Did you know that people who work in offices painted blue are more productive? What about a blue-ribbon day? Sometimes blue indicates sadness. Do you have a preference in music for the blues? Have you experienced a blue Monday?

4. Green - An indication of growth or nurturing. Offices painted green have fewer complaints of stomach aches. In some instances, green means naive or greedy. What about a green thumb?

5. Red - A warm color that causes strong emotions. From warm and comforting to anger and hostility. Think about these phrases: redneck, red-hot, red-handed, paint the town red or seeing red.

6. Yellow - Described as warm and cheery, or frustration. More babies cry in yellow rooms, and more fights break out in yellow rooms. It's also the color signifying a coward or a caution light.

7. Brown - An earthy color. Think of a farmer.

8. Purple - A reminder of royalty, wealth, wisdom, spirituality. It can also symbolize arrogance.

9. Orange - Often associated with autumn and harvest.

10. Gray - A blend of white and black: life and death.

11. Pink - A mix of white (life) and red (passionate). Like women!

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