Georgia Romance Writer's meeting recap (slightly late) and some awesome gifts

Life is a roller coaster.  But that’s ok.  At least I’m healthy and willing enough to ride it. :)

Again, I apologize for not replying to comments.  Still working with Google.  No idea what happened and from the other messages on the help board, it looks like the same thing happened to a few other people. 

To recap the brilliance I would have posted last Monday (yeah, I’m laughing also), I had an awesome time at the Georgia Romance Writer’s meeting with author Jade Lee. She was hilarious, especially with her use of stuffed animals to show us the difference in the way men and women think.  For a better review of the meeting, check out author Pam Asberry’s post (isn’t she lovely) and author Bryonna Nobles post.  They are both awesome ladies and did an amazing job of taking pictures.  I just have the one from where I sat a few tables back.  I forgot about getting the picture with her before we left for lunch. :(  I bought several of her books, but am just starting to read her contemporary romance In Good Hands written under the name of Kathy Lyons. 

After the meeting, I went to lunch with several writer friends and again forgot to take the darn picture.  Regardless, we had an amazing visit.  I hate that I don’t get to see those ladies nearly as much as I would like (that’s what happens when you live so far away). 

During the meeting, I met author Emery Lee.  She had just received some really cool trading cards with the cover of her book, Fortune’s Son, printed on them.  I was more than excited to add this one to my trading card collection and because she was so nice, I am definitely adding her book to my wish list. 

I also received a very cool T-shirt I won from the amazing Writers Li.P.P blog last month.  These ladies are awesome and I LOVE this shirt. 

Finally, I also received some very cool prizes that I won from Susan Carlisle’s blow-out blog party a few weeks ago.  Susan has a new book, Heart Surgeon, Hero…Husband?, is coming out January 2012.  I’m so excited for her and can’t wait to read her story.  Note the black book is excellent for my romance trading card collection!

I can't leave without thanking my wonderful friend, Maxine Davis. She bought The Kid the whole set of Lord of the Rings.  :)  Hugs Maxine!!!

Before I leave you, just wanted to point out that I updated the home page of my website.   Yay me!  Unfortunately, I found a spelling error after I had closed down my Front Page program and when I went back in to fix it, I opened the page up in the wrong program and now I can’t get the darn thing to open in the correct format.  So, I feel like a total dork because I can’t spell and because I am having the worst time with computers.  I decided to walk away from it for a few days and come back fresh before I accidently delete the whole thing…

That’s it for last weekend.  I have another post I plan to write about a business trip to San Antonio and the awesome pictures that inspired the new setting for my YA story.  They got me excited to dive back into writing the book.  Let’s just hope I can actually get it posted without crashing the WWW. :)


Pam Asberry said...

Tami, this was a terrific recap! Thanks for the shoutout; you look GREAT in that t-shirt. CAN'T WAIT for M&M. It's going to be a great weekend! :-)

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Pam! Totally missed this comment when I was having my major Google issues. :)

Thanks a ton for the T-shirt. If I ever post any pictures of our company get-together, you will see it prominently placed in just about every picture. I was a part of most of the events (3 legged race, tug-a-war, and trivia). I got a lot of great comments on it.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!!!

You rock, girl.