25 of My Favorite Things – Day 10

Along with the Mommy kissing Santa Clause idea, my next favorite thing is lip gloss.  Hi. My name is Tami and I am a lip gloss addict.  I have a tube of something in every purse I use, vehicle I drive, and desk that I occupy for any length of time.  Very seldom have I found myself without one and when that happens, watch out.

My favorite (at the moment) is Cover Girl WetSlicks AmazeMint Merry Berry.  It has a hint of mint that leaves my lips feeling cool and tingly. 

My second favorite is ChapStick’s True Shimmer Peppermint Rush.  Yeah. Yeah.  I know this technically isn’t lip gloss, but it does leave a glittery shimmer to your lips and again, it has that cool mint undertone.

Makes me want to grab MY Santa Clause and test it out.  See if he likes my favorites as much as I do.

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Pam Asberry said...

I love lip gloss too, Tami! I will definitely have to check these out!