25 of My Favorite Things – Day 11

Ok.  Another silly idea but one that is invaluable, especially this time of year.  Other than Christmas and all the trimmings that go with this holiday, it is also cold and flu season.  Lots of people are out shopping, some who might even be too sick to be out.  But because they have to get that one special gift before it’s gone, you can find them braving the crowds, sneezing into their mittens and grabbing the shopping carts with those same mittens. 

I know.  I’m not really a big germaphobe but I have had my share of holiday colds and let me tell ya, it isn’t fun being the only person not participating in those fun holiday family activities.

So I carry around these convenient sized bottles of Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer.  Bath and Body Works have made this oh so convenient with their purse size bottles and they even make the neatest rubber holder that can wrap around the handle of any bag, making it even so easy for the user.

AND they smell really good, too.  My favorites (yes, with an s) are the Cucumber Melon, Peppermint, American Pie, Coconut Lime…  I could go on and on….  Like my lip gloss, this is another item I make sure to have conveniently on hand whenever I need it.


Pam Asberry said...

I use the cupcake scent with my piano students. They love it, but it always makes me hungry!

Carol Kilgore said...

I love those Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers, too. Coconut Lime is my fave.