25 of MY Favorite Things - Day 13

For anyone that knows me well, you will totally understand this next favorite.  The Tide To Go Stain Remover Stick.  Tadaaaa!!!

This is another one of those Karma moments.  Even though I'm a huge klutz and continuously spill or dribble food onto my clothes, I mocked my friends for using them.  Really.  How could they work?  After all, it is detergent.  I just knew it would leave a bigger stain around the original stain.

That is until I absolutely had to use one in order to save my favorite shirt.  Silly me.  I was eating a chocolate ice-cream cone while wearing a pretty gray silk shirt.  Of course, I dribbled right in the middle of the blouse.  I was devastated. My friend whipped out her Tide Stick and I was willing to do anything to save this shirt.  We dabbed it on, waited for it to dry, dabbed again and viola. The stain was gone. And I was an instant convert. 

I now carry one with me wherever I go and I leave one in each my desk drawers. I've even given them as gifts because I know how handy they really are.

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