25 of MY Favorite Things - Day 14

Ahh, another hump day.  You know about my love of Starbucks, but do you know about my other hot drink obsession?   Chai Tea.  But not just any Chai Tea.  It has to be Oregon Chai Tea in the powdered form. 

Yeah, yeah. Silly of me. Why does it have to be in powdered form, you ask.  Well, since I'm not a tea fan (what????) and can't really stand the bitter taste (huh????), I love that I can adjust the powdered mix to be as spicy and sweet as I want it to be.  In liquid form it has more of a tea taste.  Although they can be hard to find (only Wal-Mart in my area carries them), they are well worth the hunt. 

Of course I have to add a caveat here.  I make mine with milk (1%).  I like it much better than with water.  To do this without scorching the milk, you have to heat it in 40 second intervals. 40 seconds. Stir. 40 seconds. Stir. Then remainder time would be determined by how hot you like your tea.  I like mine hot. ;)

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