25 of MY Favorite Things - Day 16

TGIF!  If you have had a week like I have then sitting down with a bottle glass of Castello del Poggio Moscato wine.   I will be the first to admit that I am NOT a big wine drinker.  For me to like it, it has to be sweet.  This Moscato is a twist between sweet and sparkly.  I discovered this during a date night with hubby at Olive Garden.  The only available seats (without a long wait) was at the bar.  So we said yes.  After I told the bartender I wasn't much of a wine drinker, she set out to find one I would like.  After 6 different tastes, I fell in love with this Moscato. 

Two weeks later, hubby and I drove all over town trying to find a bottle, finally finding it at a store near our home (go figure). The only way we found it was when we asked for the Olive Garden Moscato.  Too funny.  Now you can drive around town and see various billboards advertising the "Olive Garden Moscato." 

Excuse me while I grab my glass and veg on the couch.

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