25 of MY Favorite Things - Day 21

I honestly don't know how I ever lived without my Samsung front loading Steam Saver washer and dryer.  We justified the purchase after moving into the smaller home because we needed the extra space.  I never expected all the other benefits that came along with it.  I'm not only saving water and electricity (water saving setting on the washer and the dryer senses when the clothes are dry), but I am saving a TON of time by not having to iron most of our clothes.  Seriously folks, this is why I love these machines.  Every two weeks I lug out the ironing board and iron and spend several hours pressing both hubby's and my work clothes.  Because I disliked the chore so much, I've purchased enough clothes to get us through a two week cycle.  Of course that always meant a boatload of ironing to do at the end of that cycle. 
Not anymore with my new Samsung washer and dryer.  I simply pop the clothes that need ironing back into the drying, steam them for 15 minutes, then hang them up.  I'm in LOVE! :)

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