25 of MY Favorite Things - Day 22

I asked for a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee maker for my birthday.  I'd researched the single serving coffee maker and knew that it made the Lattes that I liked with milk (where another nameless brand did not).  Once I received the wonderful coffee maker, I attempted to purchase the little coffee pods and couldn't find them.  Anywhere!  Oh man did I catch all kinds of grief over this.  Everywhere we went the nameless brand was staring at me. Always front and center on the shelves.  And boy did they have a ton of different flavors. 

I was about to admit defeat when a friend of mine (who works at a wonderful local grocery store) said she could have the store order some in for me.  Once I was FINALLY able to drink my coffee, I was in heaven.  Ok, it's not Starbucks.  I have to admit that up front. BUT I can make a pretty decent Caramel Macchiato Latte for less than $1 per cup.  Now that is savings… 

Since that terrible period of not being able to find coffee for my Dolce Gusto, I am pleased to announce that I can find a box of little coffee cups almost everywhere.  Thank you Nescafe!

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