25 of MY Favorite Things – Day 4

Well, keeping up with this was much easier in my head. ;)

Sorry to be MIA AGAIN but moving this past weekend made it almost impossible to get on the computer. Add to that the cable/internet company not being able to hook us up until NEXT Tuesday (Oh my!!!!) and I have been going through major withdrawals.  Hubby finally sent me to his Uncle’s house to take a break from moving stuff and “play” on the internet for a bit.  Great guy. ;)  Which is why I am FINALLY able to continue this series. :)
To continue with 25 of MY Favorite Things, I’m going with the various colors and designs for sticky notes.  Again, something silly but they make me happy.  I have pink hearts, yellow and orange stars, snowmen, reindeer, mittens, flip flops, fluorescent pop up ones, large 8.5 by 11 size all the way to small sticky note tabs. 

I smile every time I come across a page on my (or my critique partner’s) manuscript and I see a big yellow smiley face telling me to watch my overuse of exclamation points.  Hmmmm… I really need to pay attention to that advice…

I also use these to try to track my POV changes, ups and downs in the story, kissing scenes, love scenes, etc on a progress board I have in my office.  This process helps me keep everything in perspective.

One of my all-time favorite notepads is a Maxine sticky notepad that has a different Maxine quote for each page.  People LOVE getting notes from me on those. 

I highly recommend adding a couple of fun designs to your desk.  Just be careful if you have to put a note on a male co-worker’s paperwork, no matter how innocent it may be.  The bright pink heart I used for one of mine didn’t go over so well with his wife when he took his work home.

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