25 of My Favorite Things – Day 6

I can’t live without calendars.  Every time I go on vacation (even if it is for a weekend), I look for a calendar for the following year that features the sites and feel of that specific place.  This year I had a really cool calendar of Savannah Georgia on my wall.  I also had a cool airplane/helicopter calendar I bought after visiting a museum on our way to a weekend in Alabama.  Right now I have a Wild Words for Wild Women desktop calendar at work with a different quote each day.  My favorite quote is from Fanny Fern, “Dear Abby” of the 1800’s. “I am convinced that there are times in everybody’s experience when there is much to be done, that the only way to do it is to sit down and do nothing.” 

Gotta love it. 

I already have next year’s calendar with various sites from the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC.  The trick is NOT to sneak a peek at the next day’s calendar tab.  Makes it fun each morning to flip the page and read the next passage.

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