25 of My Favorite Things – Day 8

Today I’m home unpacking boxes. The first one I opened held a set of plates with a blue and white snowflake pattern.  I’ve had them for over ten years, but they have become a family winter favorite. As I dug deeper, I found a set for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, New Years and the Fourth of July.  There is something about eating a bowl of cereal out of a Christmas tree bowl that keeps me in the Christmas spirit.

Okay, so these take up a LOT of room, but I couldn't part with them when we downsized.  I only have a set of 4 for each holiday (8 for the snowflakes), so they will all fit in one cabinet. 

(me justifying this to hubby after I suggested he downsize some of the tools in his garage… ;) )

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Pamela Mason said...

Don't you dare downsize those beautiful dishes! They are lovely, even if you do only use them one month out of the year.