Happy Monday Sweethearts!

This has been a crazy two months.  Thankfully I am FINALLY catching up.  I have three more things to do to fill some obligations and then I can get back to my writing.  That is the plan.

Once those tasks are done, I WILL catch up on some writing classes I've been lurking in, I'm participating in a very cool Valentine's week blog hop (see post tomorrow), am getting ready for a great GRW meeting this coming weekend, am excited for a date night with hubby tomorrow (and no kid…), AND I AM going to go through some of the clutter I have around my house.  Although I do have most everything put away from the downsizing move, I don't like having it simply stacked here or there.  I don’t like having my baking dishes on a bookcase in my bedroom. I don't like having to climb over teetering boxes in order to get to my three-ringed binders.  I don't like having my filing sitting on a shelf beside my desk (and not in the filing cabinet where they belong).

Exciting stuff, huh? Oh yeah.  I plan to write, too. :)

This is the plans for my week.  How about you? Any over-the-top tasks staring you down this week?

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