Repost - Reevaluation of My Career and Job Choices

Blog post originally posted on the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog, June 23, 2011.

Reevaluation of My Career and Job Choices

By Tami Brothers

Choices, Choices

Some people will read this post and think I’m a complete bitch for even whining about this problem.  Others will be annoyed because for most people it would be a blessing.  Me?  I’m at a point where I have to make a decision or lose out on one or the other opportunity.

My family started out the 2011 year Reevaluating every part of our lives.    A few of the things we’ve tackled so far are:

1)      The too big house (see post about the beginning of our reevaluation process)

2)      The nonexistent budget

3)      The clutter that has invaded our lives and home

4)      Our diet habits and exercise routines (or lack of)

5)      Our attempts to reconnect as a family

These topics alone are pretty damn heavy.   Hubby, The Kidd and I have really made some big adjustments as we strive to create a balance in our everyday lives.   But this month, the reevaluation has been all about me.

Four years ago I stood at a crossroad.  The company I worked for was closing and I had a chance to retrain for another career field.  I took the opportunity to go back to college and was offered a coveted Co-op position with a large company.  This opportunity resulted in the best job I’ve ever had.  I now make almost twice the amount of what was once my dream salary.  I like the people I work with and love the work I do.

So why am I stressing about the choices I now have to make?

Recently I’ve been approached with more training opportunities which the company will gladly pay for.  These opportunities will set me up to eventually take on a bigger supervisory role with the company.  Cool position to be in, huh?

Yes and no

Yes because I’ve been offered the opportunity to eventually make a six figure salary.  SIX FIGURES!  After growing up literally “trailer trash,” I NEVER thought this could be possible.  
No because I’m already in a training program.  I have a list of classes I’m required to take and a job that is already overwhelming more often than not.  Also, I’ve seen the number of hours the supervisors work.  Going home at 3:30 and having my weekends to spend with my family is rather nice.  This program would take up most of my ‘free’ time, taking me away from my family and my writing.  THEN if I do get a supervisory position, nothing would change.  I’d go from studying for school all the time to working long hours with no down time.

No time to write

Writing is more than just a passion for me.  It is, in fact, an obsession. Because of the amount of work,  I’ve spent the last four years with my writing on hold.  If I jump into this new program, I’m stuck in this same position.  More school, more studying, and no time to write. 

Sounds crazy huh?

This is where my problem with choices comes into play

Do I see myself pushing myself to excel in a position I love, but that would definitely take away most of my free time?

Or do I continue as I am, taking bits and pieces of time for myself while easing back into the writing world? With this option, I’ll still enjoy the benefits I’m already receiving on my new career path.

Choices, choices

I do worry those training opportunities won’t be there in the future.   I also know I can write a book at any age.

Even though this is supposed to be the month where I choose a path that will make me happy, I haven’t quite made up my mind.  Until I’ve weighed every possibility I won’t rush this decision.  So it looks like you’ll have to wait until my recap in November to see the choice I make.

Have you ever stood at a crossroad in your life and worried about making the wrong choice?  When you did choose, did you regret the choice you made?

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