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Blog post originally posted on the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog on August 12, 2011.

Reevaluation of my Inner Peace

By Tami Brothers

A quote from the wrapper of a piece of Dove Milk Chocolate candy ~
Live every day up to your expectations, not others.  ~Reena from Brentwood, TN

I have this wrapper tacked to the bulletin board next to my computer monitor at work.  I don’t look at it every day, but it does catch my eye on occasion.  When it does, it helps to keep me grounded.  I have but to read those words and everything I’m doing slides into perspective.

As you have probably guessed, I’m pretty focused (I can see my blog sisters nodding). When I get an idea in my head, I go full throttle in trying to achieve/solve/fix it.  What I don’t do often enough is make sure I’m juggling these hats for me.  Yes, I’m a wife and mother.  Yes, I’m a Program Manager and writer.  Yes, I am active in social networking.  And most everything I do every day in some way relates to fulfilling a requirement for each one of these hats.  Most of my energy and focus is aimed at helping one of these roles thrive.  Very seldom am I just ME…

I admit to a few interests that are me.  Reading, photography, scrapbook, swimming, running, travel.  These interests are all good, but each one has an ulterior motive.  I’ve started reading more to see what is out there in the market and how great authors craft their stories.  I take pictures of family activities to document our growth.  I exercise more to stay fit.  When I schedule a trip, it usually revolves around expanding The Kid’s limited boundaries.

Great, but still - Not. Just. ME…

Once I began thinking about this, it really bothered me and I decided my next big task in this Reevaluation journey was to find ME.  Or at least to find a tool to help me find myself.  Focusing on finding a balance in my life, I came across a book called Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson.  This book is broken into 52 weeks of homework that ultimately shows you how “making small changes, over time, can have a huge impact on the quality of your life.”

I’m only a few months into the program, but I like how I’m feeling about myself.  The hard part is staying with each week and not skipping onto the next assignments once I complete the current task.

Another thing I’m looking into is meditation.  After attending a writer’s workshop with Kelly L. Stone and participating in a guided meditation exercise, I was thrilled when I was able to do it.  The key word here is guided.  I’ve never been able to sit and think about nothing.  Honestly, I’ve tried it.  Many times…  But with Kelly talking us through the exercise, I actually found myself having a mental conversation with Nora Roberts.  Way too cool.

These are two activities I’m trying as I search for my inner peace.  To be honest, since starting this search I have felt a lot better about myself.  Of course I’m still not where I ultimately want to be, but I feel that I’m on the right path.

I know there has to be a bunch of other things people do as a way to find that sense of satisfaction about themselves.  I would love to hear some of them. 

Interested in reading about the other aspects of my Year of Reevaluation?  See how I started the 2011 year Reevaluating every part of my life.  So far my family and I have tackled:

1) The too big house (see post about the beginning of our reevaluation process)
2) The nonexistent budget
3) The clutter that has invaded our lives and home
4) Our diet habits and exercise routines (or lack of)
5) Our attempts to reconnect as a family
6) My Career and Job Choices
7) My attempt at taking back my Time

Be sure to stop back by Friday, September 9th for a peak into my birthday plans.

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