Storming into 2012

Are you sick of the reposts yet? :)

You're probably wondering why the sudden blast from the past.  Last year I charged head on into a huge Reevaluation project where my whole family took a hard look at our lives and what we wanted for our future. We saw a LOT of waste and a LOT of room for improvement.  Thus began our 2011 journey.

We made huge strides towards getting a handle on our budget, cutting down the clutter, took a hard look at our diets, worked towards reconnecting as a family, made some major decisions about our jobs, took back the time that we've been losing at a rapid pace, and I found a balance with my inner peace.  I'll share my birthday decisions and my epic fail in the friend department over the next few days.   

For 2012 I decided to dig a bit deeper into these same areas and in the process I discovered a whole lot more than I expected.  Starting in March, I plan to share some of those discoveries with you as I continue barreling through a year of self discovery. 

I'll also reveal the book that has helped me with this process. 

So stick around, check out my Thursday Funny E-mails, my Sexy Saturday posts and a couple of new features I'm working on for March.   You won't be sorry.




Carol Kilgore said...

Looking forward to catching up!

Tami Brothers said...

Thanks a ton for stopping by, Carol! I hope you enjoy the future posts. :)