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Although I don’t write extra steamy stories, I do add some FUN sexual tension to my books.  Since we were prompted to share a sex-excerpt for the hop, I thought this might be a great way to showcase one of the scenes I wrote for my latest release.  No worries, though. I didn’t quite make that 18 and over requirement. :)

Excerpt from In Her Wildest Dreams

She tried to look around as Kevin opened the front doors. Before she could take in more than a handful of pictures on the wall, he ushered her into another room. As soon as she entered the kitchen/dining room area, Liza stopped walking. Her mouth dropped open. The table was set for two. A vase filled with flowers sat in the center.

“Are you expecting someone?”

He shot her another seductive grin before dropping the paper sack she’d completely forgotten about onto the counter. Stepping over to the wall, he pushed a button before pulling her into his arms. Soft strains of music floated from a hidden sound system as he swung her into a familiar waltz. “I was hoping to talk you into coming up here.”

“Hoping? It looks to me like you were pretty sure of yourself.” She tilted her head toward the table.

He swung her in a wide arc, leading her through the kitchen. “No. Just hedging my bets in case you agreed.”

She looked up and was pulled in by those ice blue eyes and the white-hot passion radiating from them. He swung her through another doorway as the magic began to take possession over her mind. Anticipation started to build.

When his head lowered, her mind went completely blank. She ran the tip of her tongue over her lips in response to his silent request. Before she could utter a word, his mouth covered hers.


Hunger gnawed at her brain as she tried to remember the reasons she’d come up with against this. When his tongue swept across the inside of her top lip, a tickle rippled through her body.

“Lift your arms.”

What? A moment passed before she realized what he was saying. By then, Kevin had lifted her arms into the air and was deftly pulling her shirt over her head. The heat from his hand on her breast made her forget the sudden chill.

Liza was on a roller coaster ride as they fell backwards and landed on a bed. Kevin rose to his knees and slid the two of them higher. Kissing her again, he pulled at the front of his shirt. Again the rush of excitement raced through her when buttons popped around them.

She began working at the buttons on his jeans as he struggled to raise her skirt. When the button stuck, he broke away and yanked at his waistband himself. The hunger radiating from him left Liza feeling more powerful than she ever had.

Finally he was free and lying next to her. When he pushed up her skirt, he chuckled. She was surprised at his reaction, until he flicked the strap on her garter belt.

“I never would have guessed you wore these underneath this sedate little skirt. What other little quirks are you hiding, Ms. Adams?”

Liza tried not to wiggle a little as his finger began a slow caress up the lacy strap. “I said you didn’t know everything there was to know about me.”

With a chuckle, he lowered his head to the matching bra covering her breast. “I’m beginning to see that.”


Now that I’ve got you all hot and bothered, see how you can win an e-copy of this book.  

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Blurb: How does a divorced, single mother rationalize a short fling with one of Atlanta’s Hottest Bachelors? By telling herself no one would ever know, and since he's moving, she would never see him again. What could go wrong?


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