What would you do?

When you get a chance, check out Andrew Olmsted’s blog. This is the final words from a soldier who died on January 3, 2008 while serving our country in Iraq. Although I’ve never read his blog before this week, I honestly wish I’d known about it. Not only does he sound like a funny guy, but I would love to have heard his take on what life is like over in Iraq.

On this same day, I was checking out Cindy Miles' blog and saw a preview for the movie, P.S. I Love You. The story line for the movie follows along this same path where the woman’s husband dies from an illness and leaves her notes and messages to help her get on with her life. I love this idea.

After reading Andrew Olmstead’s farewell and seeing the preview for this movie, I started thinking. What would I say if I thought I might not be here tomorrow? Is there someone I’d want to leave a message for?
Surprisingly, I’m already doing this. When my son was born, I started a time capsule to be opened when he graduates high school. I had all of our family and friends fill out questionnaires about what was happening in their lives at that time and I saved little things from his first year. My husband and I also wrote letters to him. Throughout the years, we write new letters and file them away.

It’s nice to know that if something ever happened to either one of us, he will know how we felt and what we were thinking at different times throughout his life.

So, that leaves me to ask - if you knew you weren’t going to be here tomorrow, who would you write a farewell to?


Walt M said...

This is one of the reasons I wrote my manuscript. I wanted to make people laugh and I think I have a story to tell. However, I also really wanted something for my kids, so they would know how much I love their Mom.

Tami Brothers said...

I love this, Walt. And, I feel the same way.

I write because I want to leave something of myself behind. I just hope my family will like it, too...

I'm sure your wife appreciates it as well. And don't forget to buy her something after your last blog post. She deserves it!!!

Gary Farber said...

Olmsted. Not "Olmstead."

For more on Andrew, see here, here, and here.

Tami Brothers said...

Thanks Gary for catching that for me. I'm sorry I didn't see that before I posted.

Have a great day!!!


Jody DeFore said...

Wow Tami,

I had a few minutes and came out here to look around. When you hear or read something like this, it always makes you think. Then life takes over and it slips from your mind. You start taking life for granted. Thanks for reminding me. Jody